About the Team


I have spent over a decade studying trees and landscape management in various capacities. I studied Forestry at Virginia Tech and first discovered tree climbing as a profession while there. I pursued horticultural training from the US National Arboretum and Arnold Arboretum and then worked at the Trustees of Reservations for many years on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

From there, I joined a tree crew in Manhattan, New York City (yes, there are trees there). It was one of the most challenging and colorful endeavors of my life. I learned many techniques and met many people from all over the world. I became a Certified Arborist  while in NYC, but learning about tree care didn’t stop there. I continue to expand my knowledge as the science evolves and our environment changes. I started Spruced Up Tree and Shrub in 2014 so that I could have a fair, smart and safe work environment, and one that strives for quality before quantity. I now gladly work with people throughout the North Shore, helping them to manage and maintain their trees and shrubs.


George grew up in southeast Pennsylvania, running barefoot in his family’s garden. When he wasn’t pulling weeds and picking vegetables, he was exploring the woods with immense Tulip trees and ancient White Oaks. He first worked for his Aunt and Uncle’s landscaping company during high school. He moved to the North Shore to attend Montserrat College of Art where he was a groundskeeper during the summers and a custodian during the school year. After graduation, he returned to PA, where he worked on a large tree farm and was the personal gardener of an 80+ year old property outside of Philadelphia. It was at this time that he realized he didn’t know what an Elm or Chestnut tree looked like, though there were streets named after them in every town, so he bought a few field guides, and taught himself tree identification, biology and pests. Now he is committed to planting and promoting our native trees and shrubs. He loves exploring both wild and urban forests, and identifying trees everywhere he goes. His favorite thing to do is hunt for big old trees, measure, and photograph them. Since working for Spruced Up, he has learned even more from Charlotte and Jack and is honing his skills with the goal of becoming a Certified Arborist himself.