Tree Consulting


We provide Tree/Shrub Health Diagnosis, Tree Hazard Assessments and Tree Management Plans for individual trees or forested areas on your property. Following a field examination, inspection or survey, you will receive a written report (and map if necessary) to help you understand and prioritize recommended management steps. We use ISA Best Management Practices to guide our recommendations for you.

If you are not sure whether you need a Health or Hazard evaluation, check out the FAQ, “What’s the difference between a Tree’s Health and a Tree Hazard?”

Spots, Insects or Holes on leaves typically warrant a Health Diagnosis while Cracks, Cavities or Mushrooms warrant a Hazard Assessment for trees of importance. Following a Health Diagnosis, you may be able to treat the pest yourself or hire a Licensed Pesticide Provider to do it for you. Spruced Up Tree does not provide treatment and monitoring at this time. Following a Hazard Assessment, we recommend any mitigation options that may be available instead of complete tree removal. If we cut all large trees down simply because of the chance that they might fall over or break, there would be no medium to large trees in urban and suburban areas.